Friday, November 10, 2006

Linux can do almost anything!

I like to browse linux application pages like sourceforge, kde-apps and freshmeat just to see what cool applications are there to play with. There are always little gems not known to the general public and who knows? there may be the next killer application waiting to be discovered.

After years of browsing these pages you will see that you can do almost anything with linux and on more than one way. Granted that most of the applications you see are not active, are pet projects of someone or were student projects that are no longer being developed. But this does not mean that all of the projects are of no use, lots of good projects are there to be discovered that can be usefull and maybe become the next big thing. Did you know that most popular applications today started as small pet projects or student projects of someone?.

Some of the little known applications I use are the Japanese dictionary software for kde, Kiten, the bible study software, Sword, the cool quake like console Yakuake and little eye candy apps like xsnow, xpenguins and amor.

One of my all favorite tools is x2vnc/win2vnc to share a single mouse/keyboard between different computers running different OS.

Another way to find applications is to browse your distro software repository. This way you can also install/unintall the software using your distro management tools with a few clicks/commands. For example in gentoo simply browse the /usr/portage directory to find out what softwares are avaliable and in kubuntu you can browse the list of available apps using adept.

With time browsing applications you will agree with me that almost anything can be done using linux. I mean you can even make coffee and brew beer with linux!

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