Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Long Vacations in Panama

I was in a long vacation (over two months) in a tropical paradise known as Panama. Most people (specially in Japan) do not know Panama is actually a country and only know about it because of the Panama Canal.

If you like beaches you would like to go to Isla Grande, Isla Colon and San Blas were you will find beautiful caribbean beaches or travel the Via Panamericana visiting all the resorts at the Pacific Sea. If you like mountain hiking you can go to El Valle, Boquete or Volcan to find a rich tropical fauna and flora only seen in Panama.

City people can simply stay in Panama City and visit the malls (Multicentro, Multiplaza and Albrook Malls) and all the night clubs around the city (The Gallery, Oz, Mistyk) and of course the Coast Way to eat on the finest restaurants in the country.

Panama has it all in a relative small country so make sure you visit it in your next vacation. Here are some links with information about Panama:

Chiriqui Chatter: a blog by James Dean where he talks about his like in Panama. Here you will find a lot about the culture and cousine and also how to retire in Panama if interested.

Blogs Panama The name says it all. You will find here a lot of blogs about Panama and it's people.

Tavel Blogs from Panama Here you can get the view of Panama from foreign people in Panama. People that have traveled to Panama and wanted to share their experiences, photos and even videos with the world. Finally if you want to know about the night life in Panama (Wild on E! style stuff) then check this page.

After this long vacations under the sun I got a little rusty in the technology camp. This is the principal reason I haven't learn anything new or interesting to blog about. I will try to resume my studies/work activities and start blogging soon.

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