Saturday, June 16, 2007

Skype Linux is comming fast!!

When the new release of Skype was released with Feisty Fawn binary packages and a repository I simply jumped in and installed Skype on my system using those repositories.

Happy with the new release I fired up Skype to be greeted with my old friend, the ***glibc detected *** bug.

Sad for the step back I started to read the FAQ on how to report a bug and when I was about to submit the report the little apt-get update icon appeared on my systray. I clicked and saw that a new version of Skype was available to install... that was fast!! . A couple of clicks and I had the new release installed and the what is better the bug was gone!. Skype runs just perfect and looks great on my laptop now. At this speed I expect video support to be here very soon.

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