Thursday, April 03, 2008

Japanese Input in KDE 4.0.3 (Anthy)

So you want to try the newest and greatest KDE 4.0.3 release but you can't because you need to be able to write other languages other than English like in my case Japanese, Chinese and/or Korean??

After googling I found here that there is a scim input method that allows input of these languages in KDE4 and also fixes some problems with proprietary software like Skype, Adobe Reader, etc.

This input method is called scim-bridge and can be easily installed in Kubuntu with the command:

sudo aptitude install scim-bridge-agent scim-bridge-client-qt4 scim-bridge-client-qt scim-bridge-client-gtk

Then to enable scim-bridge as your input method you can use im-switch:

im-switch -s scim-bridge

or if you do not have im-switch then you can do it manually with:

sudo ln -sf /etc/alternatives/xinput-all_ALL /etc/X11/xinit/xinput.d/scim-bridge

Seems that scim-bridge is now the default input method in Ubuntu/Kubuntu but not sure, see resources below to get more detailed explanation on how to setup SCIM in Ubuntu.


  1. Thank you! Since my upgrade to Kubuntu 8.10 (and thus KDE 4) my input has been half broken. The built-in input method worked, but only in touch-typing mode (not IME) and 2 very important keys were not working. (ろ and む) I had used Skim before, and it was still installed, but not working in KDE4 apps.

    Now Skim is working in everything and I'm happy again!

  2. Hi,
    thanks for the post - I followed the steps but still can not type in Japanese. I am using Kubuntu 8.10 and the options in my keyboard layout are default and kana. Default will only type English and kana will only type katakana.
    Please advice me what to do.
    Thank you.

  3. Great! Thanks for give us information about KDE 4.0.3